Todd: OK, Mike you mentioned that you had eye surgery, so when you had your eye surgery, could you see after your operation?

Mike: Well, that’s.. no, I couldn’t because I can’t see anything out of my left eye, so when I had the operation on my right eye – once you have surgery inside your eye – now this is different surgery from the kind of surgery you get toclear your vision. These days everybody gets laser surgeryto clear up their vision. It’s completely different. It’s operating inside the eye. After that, your eye gets filled with blood from the surgery. It bleeds inside your eye.

Todd: Ooh!

Mike: Yeah. Well, it’s normal, so but because of the blood, you have inside your eye, there’s something called vitreous fluid. It’s the fluid that’s in your eye, and that eye becomes so filled with blood. There’s so much blood covering it. You can’t see. Your eye is like being in a very thick fog patch. You just can’t see anything. So I took about two months for that blood to clear out of the eye, and for two months basically I was almost completely blind.

Todd: Whoa!

Mike: Yeah.

Todd: So, when you mean blind, you said it was like fog so was it like a white blindness or a black blindness?

Mike: No, it was white.

Todd: It was white?

Mike: And in fact, it’s kind of weird. It’s kind of weird to describe but when I saw… The first, I guess, the first two or three weeks, a couple of things happened. The first two or three weeks I couldn’t see anything because the blood was completely inside the eye. Sometimes what happens though happens though is the blood, because you are sitting up, the blood drains down into the bottom of your eye and then you can see more and more gradually, but then at night you go to sleep and then you wake up the next day and the blood is all, makes stuff in your eye and then you are back to square one.

Todd: Oh, man.

Mike: Yeah, so that was kind of harsh.

Todd: So, how did you get around? Who took care of you?

Mike: My mom. My mom and my brother actually. They came and they were helping me out a lot. I mean I have to thank them so much. I still do but, yeah they were golden. They were taking me everywhere and guiding me around and taking me to places and doing things and yeah, fantastic.

Todd: Well, you have a good family.

Mike: I have a great family.