We are in favor of your plan.
We found the boy fast asleep.
We must tear down this house.
We played baseball yesterday.
We really like picnics a lot.
We traveled in South America.
We walked ten miles that day.
We were sweating in the heat.
We’d like you to sing a song.
We’ll be home at about 11:00.
Could we have a table outside?
How long will we have to wait?
We are staying at our uncle’s.
We can see many stars tonight.
We got there at the same time.
We had a fire drill yesterday.
We have a good heating system.
We have a lot of rain in June.
We must make up for lost time.
We prepared snacks beforehand.
We received word of his death.
We’ve been friends ever since.
When was the last time we met?
Where can we get what we want?
Where do we get the textbooks?
I suggested that we go fishing.
I’m afraid we’ll lose the game.
We advised them to start early.
We can see Mt. Fuji over there.
We had a lot of rain last year.
We had a lot of snow last year.
We have a wide choice of books.
We made pancakes for breakfast.
We moved to New York last fall.
We plan to climb that mountain.
We shared the cost of the meal.
We skipped his turn on purpose.
We talked about various topics.
We took turns with the driving.
We traveled to Mexico by plane.
We want to have a large family.
We were nearly frozen to death.


Lesson 6
It isn’t a case
It isn’t a chicken
It isn’t a goal
It isn’t a Schedule
It isn’t a screen
It isn’t a town
It isn’t a weekend
It isn’t a word
It isn’t a birthday
It isn’t a microphone
It isn’t a film
It isn’t a leg
It isn’t a message
It isn’t a curtain
It isn’t a department
It isn’t a highway
It isn’t a hope
It isn’t a priority
It isn’t a seed
It isn’t a chance
It isn’t a profession
It isn’t a store
It isn’t a supermarket
It isn’t a hole
It isn’t a ticket

That isn’t my saw
That isn’t your spoon
That isn’t his screw
That isn’t her stapler
That isn’t our fork
That isn’t your step ladder
That isn’t their sticky tape
That isn’t my thread
That isn’t your tin-opener
That isn’t his torch
That isn’t her washing up liquid
That isn’t our washing powder
That isn’t your crockery
That isn’t their ladle
That isn’t my mincer
That isn’t your soller pin
That isn’t his sieve
That isn’t her spatula
That isn’t our wok
That isn’t your whisk
That isn’t their pantry
That isn’t lock
That isn’t your veranda
That isn’t his window
That isn’t her diary


is it a promise?
Is it a weekday?
Is it a doubt?
Is it a painting?
Is it a stage?
Is it a business?
Is it a custom?
Is it a drawing?
Is it a story?
Is it a risk?
Is it a course?
Is it a desert?
Is it a gun?
Is it a joke?
Is it a lettuce?
Is it a pill?
Is it a product?
Is it a test?
Is it a war?
Is it a bug?
Is it a cage?
Is it a blanket?
Is it a Budget?
Is it a honeymoon?
Is it a brochure?


This is my bandage
This is your basin
This is his broom
This is her brush
This is our carabiner
This is your bulb
This is their corkscrew
This is my correction fluid
This is your drill
This is her duct tape
This is his elbow pad
This is our flashlight
This is your glue
This is their hammer
This is my iron
This is your knee pad
This is his ligther
This is her mop
This is our nail
This is your needle
This is their padlock
This is my paper clib
This is your peg
This is his plaster
This is her printer ink
This is our rope