Dai: So Miss Naomi from…where is it you are from?

Naomi: Wales.

Dai: Wales, OK, and how old are you now?

Naomi: I’m eleven.

Dai: Eleven. OK, so that means you are in…what would that be, junior school? secondary school?

Naomi: Junior school.

Dai: Junior school. OK. And so what grade is that in junior school.

Naomi: Six.

Dai: Oh, grade six, OK. So tell me about your school. What kind of subjects do you study in junior school.

Naomi: We study Art and Maths and Science and English and Geography and History and RE.

Dai: RE? What’s RE?

Naomi: Religious education.

Dai: Oh, OK. And you go to school from what time in the morning?

Naomi: About quarter to nine and it starts at five past.

Dai: The first class is at five past.

Naomi: Yeah.

Dai: And then do you get a break?

Naomi: We get a break at half past ten and then lunch at twelve o’clock.

Dai: Oh twelve o’clock, for how long?

Naomi: For an hour.

Dai: Oh an hour? Oh nice! And then what do you do for lunch in Wales? Do they have like a cafeteria where they cook for you?

Naomi: Yeah, they have that and you can bring sandwiches.

Dai: You can bring your own sandwiches instead?

Naomi: Yeah.

Dai: OK. What do you do?

Naomi: I normally bring sandwiches.

Dai: OK. Is that because the dinner’s are no good, or…?

Naomi: They’re OK but I don’t really like them as much as sandwiches.

Dai: And what kind of food do they serve up in the canteen?

Naomi: They serve roast dinners and…

Dai: Roast dinners? What’s a roast dinner?

Naomi: It’s like a meat and vegetables.

Dai: OK. It sounds very simple.

Naomi: Yeah, and pizza and chips and ham and all sorts of stuff.

Dai: Oh OK, it sounds good. And do they give you lots of homework?

Naomi: No.

Dai: Oh really?

Naomi: No.

Dai: Oh that’s good to hear. So what’s your favorite subject then in junior school?

Naomi: Art.

Dai: OK, why is that?

Naomi: I don’t know, I just like painting and drawing.

Dai: And then, what’s the subject that you find most boring?

Naomi: Maths.

Dai: Maths? Oh really? Yeah, I’m not a big fan of Maths. So I guess if you’re in grade six you’ll be going on to your next school soon?

Naomi: Yeah, secondary school.

Dai: OK, and are you looking forward to that.

Naomi: Yeah.

Dai: OK, it was very nice talking to you and good luck in your next school.