Todd: OK, Keren, I thought we’d talk about health.

Keren: OK.

Todd: And you look very healthy.

Keren: Yes.

Todd: So first of all, we’re going to talk about remedies. What do you do when you have a cold?

Keren: When I have a cold, I try to rest as much as possible and stay in bed and I take lemon, hot lemon drinks and I take tablets – paracetamol – to take away my headache.

Todd: OK, now you say you take lemon drinks. Like what exactly type of lemon drinks do you have?

Keren: I just use hot water and lemon it’s very refreshing and it clears your head.

Todd: Wow. So just hot water and lemon and that’s it? No honey or tea or anything?

Keren: Maybe you can put a little honey in it or… and also you can buy lemon drinks which have pain killer inside.

Todd: OK, now let’s talk about the hangover. Do you drink?

Keren: Yes.

Todd: OK. Have you had a hangover before?

Keren: Yes, a few times.

Todd: OK. What’s your secret for the hangover?

Keren: Sleep is my secret for the hangover, and when I have a hangover I really, really want to eat fatty foods and sugary foods and I eat lots of potato chips and I drink Coca-Cola.

Todd: Oh, I’m in the same boat. I love like fast foods when I have a hangover.

Keren: Yeah, it’s terrible.

Todd: Yeah, so how long does it take you usually to recover from a hangover?

Keren: It takes me the whole day after I go out.

Todd: The whole day.

Keren: The whole day.

Todd: Yeah, that’s the bummer because, like, you want to be up and out.

Keren: Yeah.

Todd: I usually try to shoot for one or two to be back at normal full-speed again.

Keren: Really.

Todd: Yeah.

Keren: No, it takes me the whole day. Sometimes I sleep in the afternoon. I take a nap and I feel better after that.

Todd: Maybe you just have stronger hangovers.

Keren: Maybe.