985 Organ Donation Organ Donation
Greg discuss the dilemma yet vital topic of organ donation.
895 Packed Packed
Johnathan talks about how his luggage has changed over the years.
896 Suitcase Suitcase
Johnathan talks about what it is like to live out of a suitcase all year round.
931 Naomi Middle School Middle School
Naomi talks about her daily life in middle school.
928 Naomi Middle SchoolFree Time
Naomi, a middle school student from Wales, talks about her free time activities.
1300 Shopping for ClothesSoups and Salads
Shirley talks with Josh about her favorite restaurant
1300 Shopping for ClothesZoologist
Michael talks about the five popular wild animals.
Bad Habits
Mike and Erina share their bad habits.
696 Family TraitsFamily Traits
Adrienne talks about the different personalities in her family.
1300 Shopping for ClothesThe Big Five
Michael talks about the five popular wild animals.

Michael talks about his mother’s job working with animals.

Daniel and Hana talk about sleep.