cute rabbit
raccoon tail
long race
tennis racquet
old radio
dish rag
heavy rain
pretty rainbow
scoop of raisins
rake leaves
big rat
reach up high
read quietly
recycle bin
red crayon
old rhinoceros
red ribbon
bowl of rice
ride safely
diamond ring
rip paper
gray rock
floor rug
run fast
small wrench
sore wrist
write it out
I see a rabbit in the grass.
The raccoon has a striped tail.
They all wanted to race together.
He hit the ball with the racquet.
I am listening to an old radio.
Use the rag to clean the floor.
The rain was pouring down.
I see more than one rainbow.
I want raisins in my cereal.
We rake leaves in the fall.
The rat was looking for some cheese.
She is trying to reach the rings.
It was fun to read about princesses.
She is showing people how to recycle.
Red is my favorite color.
The rhinoceros has big horns.
She is holding a ribbon.
We want rice for dinner.
He went on a motorcycle ride.
She had a beautiful diamond ring.
Don’t rip the paper; we need it.
The rock is heavy.
There is a big rug in my house.
He likes to run by himself.
He used the wrench to fix the leaky faucet.
He is holding his wrist.
She writes in her journal every week.