Jungle Safety

April the elephant lived in Brazil. Her friends Lucy the Lizard and Lexie the Owl liked to be lazy. They would play on the log in the lake, take extra long lunches, and dig holes.

Then they met Albert the Whale, near a pool of water, by the ocean. Albert told them that it is okay to laugh, be silly, and be lazy sometimes, but it was dangerous to do in the jungle.

Albert told them eleven ways that would help them be safer. April, Lucy, and Lexie listened and learned how to be  safer.

After Albert finished talking, the three friends yelled, “Thank you,” to him as he swam away.

Laundry Day

Lynn loved to do laundry. In fact, she would call her family to tell them every time she did laundry! She would watch baseball on the couch with her pillow and a bowl of green salad whenever she did laundry.

She looked at her calendar and it said laundry was this Saturday. She called her family to tell them. Her mom told her she didn’t want to listen to her talk about laundry. 

“We can talk about lotion, lightning, or polar bears, I don’t care! Just not laundry,” she said.

“But I have some new shoelaces and a towel that I am washing with my laundry today,” Lynn said.

“Please, no more laundry talk. I am going on a long walk to think about ladders and marshmallows. That should keep my mind off of laundry.”

Fireworks Show

Dale jumped up when he heard his alarm. Today was the fourth of July and he couldn’t wait to watch the firework show!

He found a tall hill that he could watch the show from very well. He and his family ate lunch on the hill, threw a ball around, and played silly games all day until it was time for the show.

The fireworks were bright and loud like lightning. Dale liked to look at all of the different colors that lit up the sky.

After the show was over he got a call from his Uncle Larry. Uncle Larry studied leaves in Brazil and called to ask Dale about the firework show. Dale told his Uncle how great the show had been.

Uncle Larry laughed and said, “That is wonderful! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. We’ll see, maybe I can visit next year.”