suspect arrest
one arrow
charged battery
fresh blueberries
digital camera
fresh carrots
cherry on top
breakfast dairy
beaded earring
erase a mistake
fairy costume
thick forest
big garage
tall giraffe
small hearing aid
super hero
dry macaroni
married couple
peel orange
talking parrot
pirate ship
nice squirrel
fun story
maple syrup
fat walrus
new x-ray
number zero
The police officer made an arrest.
She is holding an arrow.
He needed a battery for his game.
He ate blueberries for breakfast.
She has a digital camera.
We pick carrots from the garden.
I would like a milkshake with a cherry on top.
Dairy is always good for breakfast.
Her earring was too heavy.
If you make a mistake, erase it.
She dressed up as a fairy.
Many trees are in the forest.
Their house has two garage doors.
The giraffe has a long neck.
He puts the hearing aid in his ear.
He dressed up like a hero.
We want macaroni and cheese for dinner.
They are a married couple.
He is going to eat the orange.
How does a parrot talk?
The pirate is looking for treasure.
The squirrel was looking for nuts.
Mom read a story to her son.
I want syrup on my pancakes.
The walrus has huge tusks.
The doctor showed her the x-ray.
Our address has a zero in it.