Oregon People

Jeff: So where are you from?

Tim: I’m from Oregon. It’s right above California. It’s on the West Coast of America.

Jeff: So the State of Oregon.

Tim: It’s on the West Coast between California and Washington.

Jeff: So you’re neighbor states, say California in the south, do you guys get along? Are you good neighbors?

Tim: Well, we get along a little bit with Northern California. They have similar thinking. But Souther California, they kind of have different thinking. They think a bit more about money. And also, they are moving a lot up into Oregon, and they have different thinking and they are moving into Oregon and they are kind of changing things.

Jeff: So do you get a lot…. are you patriotic towards your own state of Oregon?

Tim: A little bit. We just like to keep things the way they are just a little bit. Californians move up because they can sell their homes in California for a lot of money. They move up there and then they tend to be more conservative.

Jeff: So, if I was to meet you and call you a Californian, would you get mad at me?

Tim: I wouldn’t get mad at you, no. I would think that he must think I was from Northern California.

Jeff: So do the Californians feel the same way about the people from Oregon? Is that a mutual emotion to dislike the Oregon people as well?

Tim: I don’t think so because there’s been a lot of them moving up. You know they move up there to retire and they move their kids up there, so I think they life Oregon and Oregonians tend to be pretty friendly.

Jeff: And how about the North, your northern neighbor? Washington?

Tim: Washington and Oregon are pretty similar as far a culturally.

Jeff: So if I call you a Washington – if I say your are from Washington you don’t mind as much as being called Californian?

Tim: Ah, that’s true. Yeah, that’s for sure.

Oregon People