Garage Scientist

Whenever I have free time, I race to my garage. I have all kinds of crazy experiments going on in there. I don’t mean testing rats or anything. I mean really cool experiments.

For example, right now I am experimenting to see if carrots can recharge batteries. I have had other experiments that have gone longer. My experiment to see if raisins will make the speakers in my radio louder has been going on for over a year now.

There are so many more ideas that I want to experiment with – making a fireproof door, testing to see what rainbows are made of, trying to see if I can teach rats to read.

If my brain was made of trees, it would be a forest of ideas. Science is radical

My Hero


My buddy Randy is my hero. He has won many awards, ribbons, and trophies. But he doesn’t care about all of that. He does what he does to help others. Here are a few things he has done that make him such a great guy.

First of all, he is married and is an awesome dad. He has been a teacher for 15 years and has won teacher of the year three times! He volunteers to read to students at after school programs and picks up garbage on the side of the roads on weekends.

He recycles paper, plastic, and glass which is good for the environment. He helps people with hearing aids get them for less money. He once saved a baby giraffe from drowning at the zoo. He is writing two books: one about ways to improve classroom education and another with fun short stories for kids.

There are hundreds of other examples I could share with you. Randy puts his heart and strength into everything he does. He is a real role model and I try to follow the example he sets.

Pirate Fanatic

My sister has a friend who thinks he is a pirate. He wears a red bandana on his head, has a pet parrot that he keeps on his shoulder, and walks around saying, “Arrr matey.”

As if this wasn’t strange enough, he also has a really big collection of earrings. Not normal earrings either, weird ones.

He has earrings that look like rocks, wrenches, raccoons, cameras, walruses, and even a pair that look like rakes. I understand that some pirates wear earrings, but I thought they would be scarier like hooks, or circles, or daggers.

I feel like I should tell my sister’s friend to research the type of earrings that pirate’s wear. Without the right gear, a person who is trying to look like a pirate will just look strange. If he ever met a real pirate, the pirate would probably make fun of him for how he looked.