Hana: So, how much do you sleep?

Daniel: Well I think I sleep a lot, usually at least 8 hours I think that’s, that’s the usual for me. How about you?

Hana: Oh really, about 6 hours I guess, if I have 6 hours that’s enough.

Daniel: 6 hours, is that enough?

Hana: Yes and normally because I sleep late and I have to get up early so 6 hours is enough for me.

Daniel: Wow if I sleep 6 hours I would definitely take a napafter lunch. Do you take naps?

Hana: Well it depends. If I don’t have any class I would sleep but normally I don’t.

Daniel: Wow, how about the weekends do you also sleep like 6 hours?

Hana: No I sleep a lot on Saturdays because I normally didn’t have anything to do so I will recharge my batteries and just sleep all morning.

Daniel: How about Sundays?

Hana: On Sundays I normally get up early and do something and spend my Sundays with my friend or go out. How about you?

Daniel: Well, the bad thing is on Saturdays and Sundays I still get up quite early so I don’t get to sleep more than the week but since I still, you know, sleep 8 hours every day so I think that’s enough and if I’m tired from the week I think I can still take a nap and I will, you know, fix it, so yeah, I think I sleep a lot like more than a lot of people.

Hana: That’s good.

Daniel: Yeah, it is.