The Olympics attract a lot of people every year. This is a competition among many nations of the world. It is held every four years. A large number of athletes from different countries take part in the competitions. There are a lot of events like: track and field, swimming, boxing, gymnastics, wrestling and so on.

The Olympic Games first started in Greece. It was first a one-day game and later it became a five-day game. These games were held on the plains of Olympia, and were basically religious celebrations.

Today the Olympics play an important part in bringing young people from different nations together in friendship. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) decides the site of the Olympic Games, and controls and organizes all the events.

The Olympic Games have been held every four years since 1896. The games were not held in 1916, 1940, and 1944 because of the world wars. Today thousands of men and women take part in the Games. In 1924, the first Winter Olympic Games were held.

The Olympics consist of a two-week summer games and a 10-day winter competition. Hundreds of millions of viewers follow their countries’ fortunes on television.

The Winter Olympics are always held in countries with snow-covered mountains. These games include skiing, skating, ice hockey and so on.

A gold medal is awarded to the winner of every competition. Teams or individuals who place second receive a silver medal, while a bronze medal goes to the third-place winner.