TH tongue twisters

Hi there,
Try saying these tongue twisters out loud. These tongue twisters will help you practice the TH sound. How fast can you say these tongue twisters?

Father, mother, sister, brother -hand in hand with one another.

Three thin thieves thought a thousand thoughts. Now if three thin thieves thought a thousand thoughts

how many thoughts did each thief think?

The thirty-three thankful thieves thought that they thanked the other thirty-three thankful thieves throughout Thursday.

They threw three thick things.

Thirty thousand thoughtless boys thought they would make a thundering noise.

So the thirty thousand thumbs thumbed on the thirty thousand drums.

The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.

There those thousand thinkers were thinking how did the other three thieves go through?

Through three cheese trees three free fleas flew.

While these fleas flew, freezy breeze blew. Freezy breeze made these three trees freeze.

Freezy trees made these trees’ cheese freeze.

That’s what made these three free fleas sneeze.

Thirty-three thirsty, thundering thoroughbreds thumped Mr. Thurber on Thursday.

Three short sword sheaths.

I thought, I thought of thinking of thanking you.

Tom threw Tim three thumbtacks.

Then this mother soothed and bathed the other although the other didn’t want to be together.

Not these things here but those things there.

Ruth and Luther’s moose’s loosest tooth is uncouth.

I can think of six thin things, but I can think of six thick things too.

Room Three Hundred Thirty-Three on the third floor rents for thirty-three dollars and thirty-three cents every third Thursday.

Three free throws. Three free throws. Three free throws.