a. ‘‘My brother is very tall. He is about 195 centimeters.
What about your brothers?’’
‘‘Well, my younger brother is very short. He is about 150 centimeters.
But my older brother is average. He is about 170.’’
b. Some people are very rich. Some are very poor.
A large number are average.
c. ‘‘Have you finished high school?’’
‘‘Yes, and my average is 17.5.’’
d. The average of 3, 7, and 8 is 6.

a. Many people don’t work on holidays. They usually stay at home
and relax.
b. Mr Hamidi was very worried about his son who was at the front. But when he saw his son on TV, he was quite relaxed.
c. ‘‘Reza! the train leaves in two hours. Why don’t you sit down and relax? You’ve got plenty of time.’’
a. Your average was very low last year. You should work harder this year. I’m sure that practice will improve your average.
b. You look very tired. You should stay at home and rest. This will improve your health.
a. In some countries there are many TV channels. In some others there is one. Therefore, people don’t have many choices.
b. There are a lot of theaters and cinemas in Tehran. Therefore, people have a wide choice.
c. ‘‘What are you going to study at university?’’
‘‘I’m not sure. You know it is very difficult to make a good choice.’’