Todd: What’s your favorite color?

Wendi: Me?

Todd: Yeah. You’re the only one here.

Wendi: Good point. Favorite color — green.

Todd: Yeah. Why green?

Wendi: I don’t know. I just chose on really. I don’t know. These days I kind of like green, but it changes all the time.

Todd: Like seasonally? You have your favorite color for the season?

Wendi: I think it’s more of a monthly thing.

Todd: Right.

Wendi: You?

Todd: Well, purple. I love the color purple.

Wendi: Why is that?

Todd: I don’t know really. Same thing I guess and I never where purple. I mean, I don’t have purple clothes. I don’t have anything purple in my room, but.

Wendi: You should have a purple suit.

Todd: A zoot suit. A purple suit.

Wendi: Yeah, just for one on those days when you’re feeling it. You could pull it off.

Todd: A yellow shirt maybe and purple tie.

Wendi: No, and a purple shirt too and a purple tie, some purple patent shoes and a purple brief case.

Todd: I’m not sure it’s going to go with my complexion.

Wendi: No, I think it will work.

Todd: Purple hat, suede hat.

Wendi: I see it all right now. It looks good.

Todd: OK, what’s a color you don’t like?

Wendi: A color I don’t like. I’ll show you a color I don’t like, but I don’t know if there’s a name for it, the closest name would probably be mustard.

Todd: Like this green.

Wendi: You think that’s a green. See I think that’s more of baby diarrhea.

Todd: It does actually look like baby diarrhea.

Wendi: It is quite baby diarrhea. Have you ever had to change a baby’s diaper?

Todd: Of course.

Wendi: Yeah, it’s kind of, it’s about that color and that’s one that I don’t like. Yeah, it’s bad isn’t it.

Todd: That is disgusting.

Wendi: There’s a story behind those pants.

Todd: Oh, yeah, what’s the story behind the pants?

Wendi: I think no one would buy them so they got heavily discounted and so I purchased them and then when I got home, I was like, “Wait a second! I know why no one else would buy those cause they’re so ugly.”

Todd: What, you were working at a clothing store?

Wendi: No, I was shopping.

Todd: And you noticed that no one buying these poor pantsand you’re like, ‘I must buy them.”

Wendi: Yeah. No, actually, I think like whenever I buy stuff, cause it’s not often, my first thing is I look at the price tag and I was like, “Ah, dam, a thousand yen, I could use some work pants.” And then I bought them and well, they’ve never been worn, but a little while later.

Todd: Well, you’ve actually never worn these things?

Wendi: I’ve never worn them.

Todd: Come on, you gotta, you know bust out.

Wendi: I can’t bust out. It’s like me busting out in those is akin to you busting out in the purple suit. It’s just not going to happen.

Todd: Yeah, but you see, I would actually have to spend a lot of money. I would wear the purple suit but I just don’t want to go buy it. If I actually had it I’d probably wear it.

Wendi: That’s dishonest because if I got you a purple suit, you would not wear it.

Todd: Oh, buy it. I’ll wear it.

Wendi: Oh, now way. There’s not way you would.

Todd: Because you know what, the greatest thing about being a teacher is you can wear whatever you want.

Wendi: That’s kind of true.

Todd: You know because they expect you to have no fashion sense anyway.

Wendi: For sure.

Todd: So.

Wendi: It is true actually.