month of April
dribble the ball
baseball glove
desk bell
soup bowl
Brazil South America
telephone call
fall season
heel file
steep hill
tiny hole
mail delivery
big muscle
long nail
night owl
short pencil
swimming pool
playful seal
beautiful shell
packed snowball
dog tail
tall building
dentist’s tool
bath towel
killer whale
custom wheel
angry yell
My birthday is in April.
He shot the ball at the buzzer.
He loved to play baseball.
Ding the bell to call the desk clerk.
He used the spotted bowl for his lunch.
Tourists go to Brazil in the summer.
She made a call to her mom.
The leaves turn orange and yellow in the fall.
Using a file makes your heel smooth.
I am too tired to climb the hill.
I have a hole in my sock.
The mail came this morning.
His muscle is so big.
Pound the nail with a hammer.
The owl is sitting in the tree.
He needs to sharpen his pencil.
We swim in the pool at night.
The seal rolled over on his back.
I found a beautiful shell on the beach.
She threw a snowball at him.
The dog’s tail is straight.
That building is so tall.
The dentist used the tool to pull teeth.
The baby snuggled in his towel.
The killer whale jumped high in the air.
The chrome wheel is shiny.
We didn’t know he could yell that loud.