tall ladder
pretty lady
beautiful lake
baby lamb
burning lamp
open land
laugh hard
laundry basket
lazy day
orange leaf
pipe leak
tired leg
cut lemon
hanging light
bright lightning
big lion
pink lips
shopping list
listen carefully
green lizard
gate lock
big log
long path
look out
hand lotion
real love
lunch time
Use the ladder to reach the fruit.
The lady is beautiful.
The lake has mountains around it.
The lamb is so cute.
They used a candle in the lamp.
There were many acres of land.
I laugh every time I see him on TV.
The laundry basket is full.
He decided to be lazy today.
The leaf fell from the tree.
The leak is in the kitchen.
He hoped his leg wouldn’t cramp.
He squeezed lemon on his fish.
Turn the light on please.
Lightning touched the ground.
The lion was hungry.
She has pink lips.
He wrote everything on the list.
Listen with the headphones.
The lizard moves fast.
They used a lock on the gate.
He made the seat out of a log.
It is a long walk to the beach.
She wanted to look over the field.
She put lotion on her hands.
They really love each other.
She ate lunch outside.