New Words

a. He is working hard. He wants to go to university.
He plans to study physics. I think this is a good end.
b. He loves to help people. Helping people is his end in life.
c. I don’t like your way of life. You’re always talking about money. It is an end for you.

a. All parents should send their children to school.
For many parents, this is an important end. They think that they should educate their children.
b. The government spends a lot of money on educating children.

a. He spoke English so well that I never realized he was German.
b. The police realized that the man was lying.

a. You should not hurt little children. You should be ashamed of what you do.
b. John didn’t get a good mark in his history test. He is ashamed of showing that to his father.
c. Some students do silly things in the classroom. They are never ashamed of what they do.