alarm clock
helium balloon
big belly
bowling match
brown buffalo
yearly calendar
crunchy celery
chapped elbow
baby elephant
number eleven
licked envelope
long eyelash
happy family
fruit jelly
month of July
marshmallow snacks
black olive
soft pillows
airline pilot
hungry polar bear
sailor hat
healthy salad
tied shoelace
silly girl
classical violin
leather wallet
yellow crayon
He pushed the button on the alarm.
The balloon floated in the sky.
He ate so much his belly hurt.
She beat her friends bowling.
We saw a herd of buffalo at Yellowstone National Park.
Use a calendar to find the date.
Celery is a great snack.
She put moisturizer on her elbow.
The elephant sprayed himself.
She lived in apartment number eleven.
Put the letter in the envelope.
She puts glitter on each eyelash.
The family was very happy.
Do you want some strawberry jelly?
We are going on vacation in July.
The marshmallow is soft and white.
Oil is dripping from the olive.
That is a big stack of pillows.
The pilot is ready to take off.
The polar bear looked for food.
A sailor spends many hours on his ship.
We ordered a salad for lunch.
Tie your shoelace before jogging.
She is being silly today.
She played the violin for her friend.
The wallet is full of money.
She colored the sun yellow.