New Words

a. “Do you know that man?”
“Yes, I do. But I can’t remember his name. I have a bad memory”.

b. Some people never forget what they learn. They have a good memory.
c. My brother can tell you the names of the students in his class.
He has a very good memory.

a. You know Reza. He has a very good memory. Once he reads a
story, he can tell you everything about it. In fact, he has a photographic

a. A good way to learn something is to repeat it many times. In this
way it will stick in your mind.
b. I can’t remember the foreigner’s name. Her name is very difficult.
It doesn’t stick in my mind.

a. Did he tell you the story?
Yes, he did, but not completely. In fact, he did not tell us the details.
b. “Have you heard about John’s accident?”
“Yes, and I know all the details, too”.

a. Yesterday, when I was working in the kitchen I cut my finger. It’s
very painful now.
b. My friend’s father is dead. He does not know about it. I am going
to tell him about it. I think this will be very painful for him.