Josh: So, Shirley, I told you about my favorite restaurant. What is your favorite restaurant?

Shirley: Well, my favorite restaurant is a kind of salad and soup restaurant.

Josh: Okay, that’s my favorite.

Shirley: Great! Well, the food is very good but I also like it because the room is nice, it looks on a garden and the food is very cheap.

Josh: Wow!

Shirley: Yeah.

Josh: With a great view of a garden. It seems like it would be expensive.

Shirley: Yeah, it does seem like it would be expensive, but it’s not. The garden has lots of beautiful flowers but also they grow herbs. So the herbs that they use in the salad are all fresh from the garden. It’s delicious.

Josh: That sounds really delicious.

Shirley: Yeah, it’s great. And they make a fantastic soup.

Josh: Okay.

Shirley: Some cream soups, and also a really nice vegetable soup.

Josh: Great! So, is the vegetable soup your favorite dish at the restaurant?

Shirley: Mmm, yes. In the wintertime, the minestronesoup is my favorite soup.

Josh: I love minestrone soup.

Shirley: Yeah. It’s excellent. But in the summertime, my favorite soup is cream of potato chilled.

Josh: Chilled?

Shirley: That means it’s served cold.

Josh: Okay, that sounds amazing.

Shirley: It’s really refreshing in the summertime.

Josh: What are the prices at the restaurant?

Shirley: It is so cheap. It’s about nine dollars for a small bowl of soup, a big salad, and a sandwich that usually has some salad and seafood in it.

Josh: That’s really cheap.

Shirley: Yeah.

Josh: We should go there.

Shirley: Plus, after all that, you get a coffee or herb tea.

Josh: Wow, that’s great!

Shirley: I definitely recommend that you go there some time.

Josh: I’ll try it out.

Shirley: Okay!