Education is not an end, but a means to an end. In other words, we do not educate children only for the purpose of educating them; our purpose is to fit them for life. As soon as we realize this fact, we will understand that it is very important to choose a system of education which will really prepare children for life. It is not enough just to choose the first system of education one finds; or to continue with one’s old system of education without examining it to see whether it is in fact suitable or not.

In many modern countries it has for some time been fashionable to think that by free education for all – whether rich or poor, clever or stupid – one can solve all the problems of society and build a perfect nation. But we can already see that free education for all is not enough. We find in such countries a far larger number of people with university degrees than there are jobs for them to fill. Because of their degrees, they refuse to do what they think “low” work; and, in fact, they don’t like work with the hands.

But we have to understand that any society needs different services and all jobs are important and useful. We need farmers to produce food. We need teachers to educate people. We need doctors to cure the sick. We need people to clean our streets and take the rubbish away from our houses.

However, we can say that all of us must be educated. This education should prepare the person for the job he can do best. We know that all jobs are useful, and no one should be ashamed of one’s work.